Our speciality is midrange-priced funky and interesting frames, and we will endeavour to keep costs within your medical aid benefit.

All our frames come with a year’s guarantee against factory faults.

Spectacle Lenses

Our spectacle lenses are made of the highest quality material and come with a hard coating to reduce scratches. We use the thinnest and lightest lenses available in the market to enhance the look of your spectacles and ensure maximum comfort. And we will explain the benefits of tints and coatings to you.

In addition, we recommend Blue Control coatings for computer work, and lenses that darken in the sun for those who are sensitive to bright light.

Contact Lenses

Soft Lenses

We fit all makes of soft contact lenses, from daily to monthly lenses. Each time we start a new patient on contact lenses, we take the time to make sure that the lenses are comfortable, and that your vision is clear.

Expect your fittings to take place over a few appointments – because all good things take time! This includes a thorough instruction on how to insert your lenses, remove them easily, how to take care of them.
Hard Lenses

If you belong to that minority group of hard contact lens wearers, Zena has you covered. She specialises in these trickier-to-wear lenses and has been fitting them for more than three decades. Her experience in this field is extensive and there’s hardly a hard lens problem that she can’t solve.

The staff members are also knowledgeable about contact lenses, and they will give you additional advice if need be.
Scleral Contact Lenses

We fit scleral lenses for those patients with very high astigmatism and Keratoconus (an eye condition in which your cornea gets thinner and gradually bulges outward). These lenses are very specialised hard lenses, and when successful, give excellent vision.

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